Yiranok Angle Setup Block – Precision Miter Saw Angle Speed Set Up Ruler – Miter Saw Protractor Preset Tools Accessories – Angle Measuring Gauge for Woodworking – Marking Carpenter Square Scale


  • Major Time Saver – Yiranok angle setup block is made for angle quick setup, it’s not a angle finder or miter saw protractor, but a precision angle preset to saving your time, quickly setting the angles of your miter saw blades or cutting boards.
  • Wide Application – Whether you are professional or not, Yiranok angle speed square is suitable for miter cutting, molding, plumbing, woodworking, metalworking, carpentry and more, not only angle setting, but also angle checking.
  • Commonly Used Angle Preset – According to series of survey results, we preset the angle ruler as 45°, 54°, 60°, 67.5° and 75°. If you have more ‘angle needs’, just contact us, which is important for us to further improve and update our design.
  • Add It Into Your Toolbox – Yiranok set up scale is poised to further simplify the angle setting and checking, it’s the must have tool for construction, woodworking and home DIY, also the best gift choice for these enthusiast.
  • Quality & Service – We are confident in the quality of the miter saw angle scale, which is made of anodized soft aluminum, antirust and waterproof. If there is quality problem or any other questions in daily use, please be free to contact us.

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Product Description


Bring a whole new level of ease and accuracy to machine set ups for the five most common polygon angles.

Yiranok Angle Preset is laser cut from high quality stainless steel, then the edges are precision milled on high-speed CNC equipment. The foot that raises the tool up for accurate settings is made from anodized aluminum and forms the central base for the magnetic multi-function knob. Icons for each shape are laser cut into the blade to visually confirm you’re using the correct angle. The plastic liner in the magnetic knob keeps the blade perfectly perpendicular and protects it from scratches.


When setting table saw blades and jointer fences, the multi-functional knob pops off the center and becomes a magnetic stand that holds the angle setup block perfectly upright while you have both hands free to adjust your machine.


In addition to providing precision-milled angles (guaranteed within .0085°), Yiranok Angle Preset goes further to get your settings right the first time, every time. When setting miter saws or table saw miter gauges, your gauge need to be horizontal. However, a thin blade on a flat table can cause error by resting against rounded fence edges and uneven table inserts. Yiranok Angle Preset takes care of that by raising the reference edges 0.28” above the machine edge.

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